Our Story

Step 1 : From the start….being a mom.

Eleven years ago , as an healthy banker transformed into a mom, the unplanned situation where my baby faced allergen to many kinds of food taked place continuously. My baby had rash as a normal symptom of food allergen, but sometimes he suffocated. Thus, I decide to resign and take care my lovely baby .

At that time, food allergy was something new for people in Thailand. I found information about food allergy in baby in foreign website as main useful information. Therefore, I started avoiding many kinds of food for my baby. And started knowing the word “Organic” for my baby consuming habit.

Step 2: Idea to share

From surrounding relatives and friends who cared about my baby’s meal and snack, they kept asking me what my baby had for a meal or drink or snack. In 2008, non-allergen instant food for baby in Thailand is very scarce to find and non-organic. It had to be bought from import specialized store. From this point, I decided to share and create one instant organic baby meal brand for baby 6 months plus which is allergen free . This baby meal brand started distributing around Thailand and also in Asia since 2008.

Step 3: Developing to “Apple Monkey”

When my baby became a toddler, he wanted various kinds of food and snack. I need to find non-allergic snack which has nutrient and is safe for my baby. My idea was that easy snacks which can keep my baby develop his fine motor skill, cognitive skill and calm when sitting on the car seat. Thereby, Apple Monkey brand is developed to provide a good snack which is non-allergen, organic ingredients, easy to grab, and provide enough nutrients to my son and every kid. All ingredients are from Thailand’s fertile soils which are natural and organic.

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