Organic Ginger drink

Q: Why is organic ginger?
A: Ginger is a tuber crop which utilizes water and soil for growing. If soil or water is chemically contaminated, ginger will directly absorb it. Growing organic ginger use non-chemical soil, no pesticide allowed since it is controlled by certified organic standard. This can be ensured that organic ginger is safe for breastfeeding mom.
Q: What is ginger benefit?
A: Ginger is an herb which provides many advantages. It helps increase blood circulation and soothe flatulence. It also has a natural sleeping pill which helps calm and sleep in a longer duration. For breastfeeding mom, ginger drink can stimulate and increase breastmilk. Moreover, having ginger drink also provides protein, calcium, and vitamin which will revive breastfeeding mom’s health.
Q: Who is suitable for ginger drink?
A: It is suitable for breastfeeding mom who would like to activate and increase breastmilk, a person who has indigestive system, and also a person who is stress or has insomnia.
Q: What is the appropriate consuming amount for breastfeeding mom per day ?
A: If the goal is for increasing breast milk, it is advise to have ginger drink before breastfeeding 3-4 hours and drinking 4-5 cup per day.