Guava Smoothie

Q: Why does Apple Monkey Smoothie use Guava as a main ingredient?
A: This is because Guava has many advantages. It contains Vitamin C 4-5 times higher than lemon or orange. As we all know, Vitamin C can help increase immune system. Moreover, Fiber in Guava is 70 times higher than orange. This can be benefit to digestive system. We blend Guava into Smoothie as it is easier to consume. Also, tastier when mixed with other fruit or vegetable juice.
Q: Why does Apple Monkey have calcium added?
A: In toddler’s growth development , calcium is very vital for their bone and tooth.It also helps protect bone deterioration in pregnancy mom and middle-aged adult. Typically, calcium always make into pill or medicine form which is unfriendly to consume. Thus, we add calcium into Apple Monkie smoothie for a friendly way to have calcium.
Q: What does calcium in Apple Monkey smoothie come from?
A: It is made from natural seaweed. This can be certain that it does not stem from cow milk and is suitable for a person who has a milk allergy.
Q: What is the suitable amount per day for comsuming Apple Monkey Smoothie?
A: Children who is under 6 years old should not have the smoothie more than 2 bottles per day. If aged above 6 years old, they can consume as much as they can.
Q: Who is suitable for drinking Apple Monkey smoothie?
A: It is suitable for everyone especially who has a milk allergy or is in the calcium deterioration ages.
Q: How should Apple Monkey be kept?
A: If not open, it can be consumed within 1 year in normal room temperature. If opened, it should be consumed within 24 hours.