Q: Why Apple Monkey Granola is gluten free?
A: The main ingredients of our Granola is brown rice in both brown rice flake and popped brown rice. Those ingredients are used instead of oat which normally contain natural gluten.
Q: Can Apple Monkey Granola be a meal?
A: Yes, Apple Monkey Granola can be a meal since it contains many nutrients from and vitamin. It can be had with any kind of milk, yogurt, salad, and as a snack.
Q: Who is suitable for having Apple Monkey Granola?
A: Apple Monkey Granola is suitable for toddler from 18 months and above as it contains wholegrain which requires chewy skill.
Q: Can Apple Monkey Granola cause obesity? What is the benefits?
A: Apple Monkey Granola is not sugar added. It sweetness is come from honey. The benefits of Granola is that it contains many nutrients, vitamin, mineral, and fiber. It can be consumed in a guity-free way.