Q: What is Carob?
A: Carob is a plant which looks similar to cacao. Carob can be processed into powder which tastes and smells like cacao, but this carob powder does not contain caffeine.
Q: Why Calcium and Iron are added into Biscoito?
A: For toddler development, Calcium will help develop bone and tooth. For Iron, normally it contains in Breastmilk, however after 6 months of breastfeeding, iron in breastmilk will be significantly decreasing, the need of iron in baby will be needed from other sources such as food, fruit, and snack. Iron is a main composite of body’s hemoglobin which helps increase human’s immune system. Moreover, iron can help develop cognitive development.
Q: What does the mild-sweet-creamy taste in Biscoito stem from?
A: Apple Monkey always cares about cow milk allergy in baby and toddler. Thus, we use coconut milk instead of cow milk and butter. Moreover, coconut milk is healthier because coconut milk’s fat is a medium chain fatty acid which is not collected in human’s body when consumed. Moreover, coconut milk has Lauric acid which helps restrain bacteria and increase immune system.
Q: Which part of coconut does the coconut milk come from?
A: We squeeze coconut meat to get coconut milk. Then, we mix the coconut milk with coconut juice to be our Biscoito ingredients. This will decrease fat in a pure coconut milk.