Organic Germinated brown rice puff

Q: What is the benefits of germinated brown rice?
A: Organic germinated brown rice contains Gaba which helps and protect the balance in human’s brain. It also has fiber and amino acid which is necessary in the growth development.
Q: Will Gaba be lost during the production process?
A: It may be slightly lost during the production process, however Gaba amount indicated on the box is the amount that we measured Organic Gaba rice puff after the process.
Q: Is there any flavour added in Original flavour?
A: Yes, Original flavour is sea salt added in a healthy amount. In sea salt, there is an iodine which helps protect Goiter disease.
Q: Is there any allergic ingredients in Apple Monkey Organic Rice Puff?
A: Our Apple Monekey rice puff is Gluten free, Nut or Soy free, Dairy free, and seafood free. The chocolate that we use the choco-banana flavour is pure cacao.