I’m Gluten Free Cookies

Q: Why don't I'm Gluten free cookie contains Gluten, Cow's milk, and Nuts as an ingredients?
A: Gluten, Milk, and Nuts can be an allergic food for your kids. Many researches in developed countries finds out that every 133 people will have one person who is allergic to Gluten, Milk, and Nuts. This statistic is estimated around 0.5-5.4% of population.
Q: What does Gluten free flour stem from?
A: We use Gluten free flour which is extracted from rice, corn, and potato. By testing Gluten in our flour with Asia Medical and Agricultural Laboratory and Research Center, we do not detect any Gluten in our Gluten free flour.
Q: Why're Apple Monkey cookies low sugar, less salt, and less fat?
A: Sweet, fatty, and salty kinds of food are main factors which lead to many disease such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. This decrease the quality of life. It is better to limit sugar, salt, and fat in kid which is for their good start.
Q: Why's Gluten free?
A: Because having food or snack which contains Gluten can effect the function of small intestine to be hard to digest food as its normal function. This results in a malfunction in digestive system which is calles Cileac disease or Allergy to Gluten wihout any awareness.
Q: Why are Carrot, Spinach, and Chocolate chip&Raisin mixed in Apple Monkey’s Gluten free cookies?
A: Orange from Carrot contains Carothenoid which provide vitamin A and nourish eyesight. Green from Spinach provide Iron and mineral. Brown from Chocolate chip and raisin give Polyphenol and Serotonin which develop good mood.
Q: When can toddler have I’m Gluten free cookies?
A: For toddler 12 month and above .