Organic rice cracker

Q : When should my baby start having organic rice cracker?
A: When your baby start to chew things around himself by using his gum. You may observe that he can grab rice cracker and use his strong gum to bite graduall, however, parents should supervised their baby when he is having a solid food to prevent choking hazard.
Q: Is it necessary that baby should be self-feeding?
A: By self feeding, your baby will learn a new texture of food and how to use his fine motor skills. Apple Monkey organic rice cracker offers a mild taste, benefits from vegetable and fruit, and DHA Omega 3. Moreover, it can be melt in your baby mouth bacause of softly crispy texture. As a baby snack, Apple Monkey is a great choice for your baby because it is no junk and nutritious.
Q: Why Apple Monkey use DHA Omega 3 as an ingredients?
A: Because Apple Monkey would like all baby to have a good nutrition. Many researches find out that DHA Omega 3 help increase neuronal growth which has benefits for brian's memory and brain development. This helps support your baby's learning skill.
Q: Is the quantity of DHA Omega 3 in Apple Monkey Rice cracker enough for baby's need?
A: Unlike other nutrition lists such as Protein, Carbohydrate and Vitamins, there is no limitation of having DHA because consuming DHA in baby is for brain's development.
Q: After processed, Does DHA quantity still remain in product?
A: DHA may lose during the proces, however the form of substance in DHA is fatty which is more stable than the other forms of substance such as Vitamin. The DHA amount which shows on the box is the amount that measures on the the product after processing.
Q: Is it nescessary to add sugar on Apple Monkey Organic Rice cracker?
A: It is not nescessary but Apple Monkey Rice Cracker is an healthy snack for